Emma Harris - Utilities Coordinator


Tell us a little about your role. 

I work within the M-EC Utilities team as a Utilities Coordinator. Having worked for many years at Eon, I knew the skills and knowledge I’d gained would support a role in utilities, allowing me to provide insightful information and strategies for clients. My role is diverse, and no two days are the same; this enables me to constantly enhance my skills and offering to clients as I continually learn as the industry evolves. My Role typically involves identifying utilities and implementing approaches to incorporate or divert utilities on a wide range of new or existing residential, commercial and leisure developments. Using my extensive knowledge of the utilities industry, I can negotiate budget/firm estimates for new connections, advise on the protection of apparatus, existing easements and diversion requirements and provide constraints plans and combined service layouts to meet clients’ needs. 

Speaking with clients and ensuring their needs are met is an aspect of my role that I thoroughly enjoy. 


How have you found being a female engineer working at M-EC? 

Joining M-EC was a great step to understanding the other side of the gate, so to speak, and gaining in-depth knowledge of utilities whilst also being able to continue using the knowledge and skills I have gained over the past 16 years working within the energy industry. 

The flexibility at M-EC is fantastic and has improved my work-life balance. The company has also opened me up to gaining experience in new areas, which is a fantastic opportunity to support my overall growth. 


Would you encourage other women to consider roles in engineering? 

I would absolutely encourage anyone to consider a role in engineering as it’s incredibly fulfilling. It is especially great to see more women getting involved in such an interesting and ever-evolving industry, and there is always something new to learn, which is brilliant.