Zoe Jordan - Assistant Flood Risk Engineer


Tell us a little about your role. 

I am an Assistant Flood Risk Engineer within the Flood Risk Team at M-EC. My job involves undertaking outline and detailed surface water and foul drainage strategies in conjunction with preparing Flood Risk Assessments. 
Being a flood risk engineer means all days are different. I enjoy being involved in various construction projects with multiple clients, from small skate parks within flood zone 3 to significant residential developments. My job allows me to be a researcher, investigating the development site’s flood risk and a problem solver, designing drainage strategies to ensure the site and the surrounding areas are protected from flood events. Considering both the development's flood risk and the development's result is paramount to maximising the development’s full potential and ensuring residents are protected. 


How have you found being a female engineer working at M-EC? 

Working at M-EC is fun because there are a variety of people with different interests and expertise working together to ensure the client’s objectives are met and exceeded. There are also plenty of social events and staff days to get involved with, which help everyone to feel included and part of a team. I also like that the company prioritises individual learning and career progression, running plenty of engaging CPD sessions for personal development.  


Would you encourage other women to consider roles in engineering? 

I would definitely encourage other women to consider a role in engineering because it is important to have females contributing to discussions and influencing designs within a construction environment. There are many issues within society that males would feel are less important than females, so it is essential to ensure gender balance when confronting the world's biggest concerns. 

I think it is also essential to challenge the perception of what a typical engineer looks like with more visible female role models rather than just the typical image of a man in a white shirt; with a hard hat staring at a drawing. By doing this and encouraging STEM subjects at a younger age, females would be more inclined to join the profession.