Flood Risk and Drainage - Drainage Investigations


The M-EC team provides a vast number of drainage investigations in support of Planning Applications and detailed design schemes.


These investigations include surveys to assess the condition of culverts and ditches to estimate the hydraulic capacity of these features. The more complex investigations include CCTV surveys of drainage networks, which our in-house Geomatics team often supports.

Drainage Investigations often aim to demonstrate evidence of a positive outfall to Lead Local Flood Authorities or to support S104/S106 agreements with the local sewerage undertaker – in which case these have to be prepared in accordance with DMRB CS 551 and BS EN 13508-2:2003.

This work is of high importance to local water Risk Management Authorities as it provides an extra degree of confidence in the condition and capacity of local water receptors to accommodate additional flows from new developments.


Case Studies


KineTon Road

Hayward Development 

Residential development of 28 dwellings, including associated amenity space & infrastructure.

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Alders Lane

Rosconn Group

Residential development for up to 29 dwellings with associated infrastructure, parking and access.

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The Lindhurst Group

A proposed mixed-use, residential and commercial development in Lindhurst, Mansfield.

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For more information about our flood risk assessments, contact:

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