Flood Risk and Drainage - Drainage Strategies


Our drainage strategies assess all available surface water drainage options for a site; whilst demonstrating that the rate of surface water discharge (runoff) will not exceed the existing site conditions.


We utilise the latest available data and software to ensure our designs are based on up-to-date information for the best results and achieve the desired water management targets by including features such as soakaways, infiltration basins, swales, permeable pavements, filter strips and balancing ponds.

A Surface Water Drainage Strategy is required for most planning applications in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework. There are only a few exceptions where a Surface Water Drainage Strategy is not needed, and without one, planning applications may be rejected.




For more information on Flood Risk Assessments contact:

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Case Studies 

Browns Lane

Taylor Wimpey 

Noise Assessment was undertaken for the proposed development of 165 homes.

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Long Clawson

Long Clawson Dairy

Noise assessment for the construction of additional storage.

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Rutland Plastics Ltd

Noise Assessment for relocating industrial operations.

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