Flood Risk and Drainage - Flood Modelling Strategies


Our flood modelling services can simulate flood events enabling a better understanding of flood risk, allowing us to develop options to manage that risk.

Our experienced engineers use hydraulic flood models and ground modelling to assess the impact of flooding on a development and the impact on a watercourse. Models can also be used to assess overtopping or breach scenarios and to undertake blocked culvert analysis. The results can then be used to determine levels of flood protection, developing mitigation and alleviation options.



For more information on Flood Risk Assessments contact:

 Alex Bennett


 01530 264753


Case Studies 

Browns Lane

Taylor Wimpey 

Noise Assessment was undertaken for the proposed development of 165 homes.

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Long Clawson

Long Clawson Dairy

Noise assessment for the construction of additional storage.

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Rutland Plastics Ltd

Noise Assessment for relocating industrial operations.

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