Flood Risk and Drainage - Flood Modelling


Our team has extensive knowledge of unlocking development potential by assessing the risk of flooding through the use of flood modelling.


Assessing flood risk to developments often requires detailed hydraulic modelling of complex problems. This work is produced by our muti-skilled team of hydrologists and flood modellers to free land at risk of flooding or to remodel flood extents with more up-to-date input data.

The team at M-EC have experience modelling the interaction between open channels and flood plains, including 1D2D and 2D models and hydraulic modelling in HEC-RAS. We have also managed projects that require advanced software, such as TUFLOW, ICM and Flood Modeller.

Our approach follows the best practices in line with industry standards. We offer continuous liaison with the relevant stakeholders, the Environment Agency and the Lead Local Flood Authorities, throughout the modelling process to ensure our reports and designs are robust. 


Case Studies



Richborough Estates 

Residential development of up to 550 dwellings and associated infrastructure.

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Alders Lane

Rosconn Group

Development of up to 29 dwellings with associated infrastructure

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Kineton Road

Hayward Development

Residential development amenity space & infrastructure.

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For more information about our flood risk assessments, contact:

  Joao Gil


  01530 264753