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M-EC’s dedicated team specialises in providing noise, vibration, air quality and odour assessment services to support your development proposals through the planning process.


On 15th December 2017 M-EC purchased the business of AcousticAir Ltd.  We are pleased to welcome Michael Forsdyke, Neil Forsdyke and Rhys Burge to M-EC who have merged with our current team which is now called M-EC Acoustic Air. 

New contact details are:

You can still contact us on the existing telephone number 01444 819 333 (Brighton office) or via head office on 01530 264753.


As noise and air quality are key factors in determining the suitability of proposed developments, consideration of potential impacts at the earliest stages of development can be vital to achieving development objectives.

We provide noise and air quality assessment for a variety of developments, be it standalone assessment or as part of wider EIA.

Our noise and air quality services range from the provision of simple advice and preliminary assessment of constraints, through to detailed assessment of impacts and development of mitigation solutions to benefit all parties.


Our dedicated team uses a combination of on-site survey and computer software modelling to identify noise and vibration issues, develop mitigation, inform master planning and support planning applications through the planning process.
Air Quality  
We develop client-focused mitigation solutions to enable and maximise development, helping to ensure that potential air quality and odour issues are fully understood, appraised and addressed in support of the delivery of a positive planning resolution.

For more information on M-EC Acoustic Air contact:
Rosie James
01530 264753



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