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noise engineer monitors road traffic noise levels at the side of a busy road

M-EC Acoustic Air is our dedicated service specialising in providing noise, vibration, air quality and odour assessment services to support your development proposals through the planning process.
Noise and air quality can be key factors in determining the suitability of development and our team are able to assess and mitigate issues to benefit all parties.
In December 2017, M-EC purchased Acoustic Air Limited and welcomed Michael Forsdyke, Neil Forsdyke and Rhys Burge to the team. We re-branded ourselves M-EC Acoustic Air. Our services include: 
• Noise assessments
• Noise modelling
• Vibration surveys
• Air quality assessments
• Air quality monitoring and mitigation


For more information on our noise and air quality services contact:
Alex Bennett
01530 264753
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Consulting Development Engineers