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Noise & Vibration

Consideration of potential noise impact on or from your scheme can be critical to enabling development. M-EC provides comprehensive noise assessment services for a variety of development types including residential, industrial and road schemes.

Our dedicated team uses a combination of on-site survey and computer software modelling to identify noise issues, develop mitigation, inform master planning and support planning applications through the planning process.

Working together with the wider project team, we develop client-focused mitigation solutions to enable and maximise development, helping to ensure that potential noise issues are fully understood, appraised and addressed in support of the delivery of a positive planning resolution.

If your development is close to noise sources including roads, rail, industry or commercial land uses, or if your scheme will generate noise then we can help you.

Roadside Noise Survey

Our noise assessment services include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Leisure
  • Architectural acoustics (including schools and healthcare)
  • HVAC acoustics and design
  • Mineral extraction
  • Construction
  • Vibration (transport, minerals, rail, hand-arm)
  • Noise at Work
  • Noise survey
  • Detailed assessment
  • Options appraisal
  • Identification of constraints
  • Mitigation solutions
  • Assessment and mitigation of construction noise
  • Construction stage monitoring
  • Post-development monitoring
  • Liaison with LPAs
  • General advice
  • Noise modelling


For more information on Noise & Vibration contact:
Rosie James
01530 264753 

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