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M-EC Geomatics

site surveyor carries out topographical survey on development site

M-EC Geomatics delivers the full spectrum accurate, reliable and cost-effective surveying and mapping solutions. Our team use the very latest equipment and software to produce point cloud data, which  can then provide 2D line drawings or 3D digital terrain models as required and our data can be easily transfered into other engineering software.


M-EC Geomatics is an in-house team, with all its own equipment and we take full responsibility for our own survey work, which means we can be deployed quickly, reducing both cost and waiting times.  Our services include:  
• Topographical surveys
• Measured building surveys
• Utility mapping
• Setting out
• 3D laser scanning
• Aerial mapping & inspections

For more information on our surveying services contact:
Joseph Landers
01530 264753
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