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Photogrammetric Surveys

Photogrammetric Surveys and 3D Modelling is at the cutting edge of topographical surveys. As a desk based  non-contact method of measurement, Photogrammetric Surveys can save upto 80% of the cost of a traditional topographical survey.

Photogrammetric Surveys enable rapid data capture, using specialist cameras fitted to fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. Images are a permanent record of the subject area at a specific time and date and utilises readily available 3D stereo aerial photography from various national sources

Photogrammetric Surveys and 3D Modelling is at the cutting edge of topographical surveys


M-EC Photogrammetric Surveys Brochure


Accurate 3D Modelling of built design allowing visualisation of the area for easier design, planning and scheduling real life simulation, allowing for identification and resolution of problems.


Reduced manpower exposure (hazardous environments) and overall reduction in project cost now make Photogrammetric Surveys an attractive option


Typical applications for Photogrammetric Surveys:
  • Urban and Rural planning & Cadastral maps – vector data
  • Environment management & Land use verification
  • Quarry/Mining Landfill – site operations , volumetric analysis
  • Powerline & Pipeline planning and vegetation assessment
  • Emergency planning – hazard identification.
  • Railways – embankment stability analysis and vector mapping
  • Roads and highways – noise mapping, vector data planning
  • Wind farms – site selection, planning strategy
  • Coastal survey – erosion risk mapping
  • Construction Engineering– ground model generation & Infrastructure planning
  • Hydrological survey – flood analysis
  • Brown field sites – topographic surveys
  • Surveys in areas of restricted access
Road junction showing a photogrammetric survey

Typical users of Photogrammetric Surveys:
  • Highway authorities and agencies
  • Environmental agencies
  • Utility companies

For more information about Photogrammetric Surveys contact:
Daniel Halstead
01530 264753

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