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With safety now a more integral part of the National Policy Planning Framework, our road safety services, designed to meet the criteria of HD19/15, are more important than ever.
The road safety team at M-EC is highly experienced and qualified, helping to train and advise our scheme designers to eliminate or mitigate problems early in the design process, reducing costly and time-consuming amendments and ultimately remove potential safety hazards for all road users. The team provides the following services:
• Road Safety Audits (stages 1-4)
• Collision Investigation/Reduction Studies & Design
• Road Safety Risk Assessment Process (RRRAP)
• Road Safety Training
• Walking, Cycling & Horse Riding Assessments (WCAHR)
• Quality Audit
• Road Safety Audit CPD

For more information on our road safety services, contact:
Chris Berry, associate 
0115 697 8578
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