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transport engineers undertake a road safety audit

With safety now a more integral part of the National Policy Planning Framework, our road safety services, designed to meet the new criteria of GG 119, are more important than ever.
The road safety team at M-EC is highly experienced and qualified, helping to train and advise our scheme designers to eliminate or mitigate problems early in the design process, reducing costly and time-consuming amendments and ultimately remove potential safety hazards for all road users. The team provides the following services:
• Road Safety Audits (stages 1-4)
• Collision Investigation/Reduction Studies & Design
• Road Safety Risk Assessment Process (RRRAP)
• Road Safety Training
• Walking, Cycling & Horse Riding Assessments (WCAHR)
• Quality Audit
• Road Safety Audit CPD

For more information on our road safety services, contact:
Tim Rose 
01530 264 753
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