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Services and Utilities

M-EC’s services team handles enquiries and negotiations with all key Statutory Undertakers at the pre-planning and detailed design stages.

Discussions take place with all providers in respect of electricity, gas, telecommunications, water and sewage (foul and surface water).

Costs for supply and diversion are sought in order to assist with viability and to determine cost implications to facilitate the proposed development.

As well as informing the developer/client, these investigations can demonstrate deliverability to third parties and/or provide clarification and perceived constraints such as capacity.

The team will obtain all relevant apparatus plans and provide detailed constraints plans to help inform emerging development designs and to ensure the location of any key plant is understood and appropriate easements can be provided as required.

We undertake tracing and sewer CCTV surveys to accurately locate buried apparatus.

All available information is collated into a clear and concise report, outlining key discussions and contacts together with lead in periods, timescales and costs.

For more information on Services & Utilities contact:
Shyam Joshi
01530 264753

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