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Our staff have extensive experience in leading and delivering projects using Building Information Modelling. Sharing and collaborating with others to the benefit of the project is embedded in our ways of working and we have a comprehensive system of data management and document control that we use to assist the process.

Our staff have experience in working for projects for both one-off, individual builds and working with large international companies. By sharing digital 3D models during the design process, we can help to deliver better projects for our clients. With benefits from improved communication of ideas and concepts, improved co-ordination between disciplines, and clearer drawings and visualisation in 3D of how to build parts of a building.

Since 2014 our staff have been working in Revit to create our models and we use a wide range of 3D analytical software, which is integrated into our drawing production. We are used to working work our collaborators in 3D, working to BIM execution plans in accordance with BS EN ISO 19650.

We are BIM Level 2 ready, which we offer as a base level of our service on our BIM projects, however we can adapt to other requests on a project by project basis.

We actively share our information with our clients and collaborators participating in carrying out clash detection and model interrogation. to improve the quality of our projects.

We have experience in using Revit and 3D design analytical software to deliver projects from small house extensions up to £120m schemes. We have delivered schemes for clients at an early stage to provide visual imagery, CGIs and Virtual Reality walkthroughs, through to steelwork detailing for fabricators and reinforcement drawings.

On this site are a selection of some of our projects, to assist in illustrating what BIM can achieve.

So what is BIM?

  • A design tool and process, separated from the actual construction drawings
  • Used to produce traditional paper drawings, no one builds anything from the model. The paper drawings are still from what is built on site.
  • 3D modelling of the building and its components
  • A database, that lists the attributes of the physical components of the building.
  • Modeling the “how to” of understanding and constructing the building.
  • Yes its about geometry and co-ordintaion.
  • Creating a 3D model that is then utilized and harvested throughout the project duration by the team, and is then passed on to the owner for the life of the building.
  • Reduces costs on site, due to fewer issues on site.


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