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This page has been produced on behalf of Taylor Wimpey as part of their sustainable travel commitment, with the aim of creating a ‘modal shift’ from car-borne journeys to using sustainable modes of transport.

Staffordshire County Council (SCC), Taylor Wimpey and MEC are all committed to the principles of sustainable development, and by providing this portal bespoke to your development, we hope to give you more choices about how you travel and assist in reducing the number of car journeys made, benefiting you, the wider community and the local environment.

You should have received a 'Residents Travel Information Pack' as part of your welcome pack following the occupation of your property. We try to ensure this is continually updated as and when changes occur; you can view the most recent version here. 

We want you to make the most of this portal, so be sure to bookmark this page for ease of return.



We will be issuing quarterly newsletters with updated information regarding your development; previous newsletters will be accessible below.


Annual Travel Survey 

Under the planning agreement for your development and on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, MEC is required to undertake annual travel surveys to monitor how residents travel. We welcome you to complete this questionnaire. If you would like a paper copy, you can request this by emailing



Local Transport News


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Upcoming Local Events  


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Your Location 

Lichfield is a Cathedral City and civil parish within Staffordshire. The City is located 26km north of Birmingham and 14km northeast of Walsall.
Lichfield provides a high-quality mix of local shops along with high street retailers and a host of town amenities, including a leisure centre, cinema, museum, theatre, cafés, pubs and restaurants.






According to the Health Education Authority, ‘walking briskly for half an hour a day can halve the risk of heart disease’. This is equivalent to walking to and from a destination just over ¾ of a mile from your home instead of taking a car.

Walking is easily accessible in Lichfield for your everyday needs, with most areas offering public footpaths, Bridleways and byways. The Spires is well connected to local amenities, which can be viewed on google maps here. 

To help plan walking routes, Google maps will support you with planning general everyday walks. You can also use websites such as Ramblers which provides an in-depth overview of your walking route, allowing you to select the difficulty, distance and surroundings. For those looking for recreational walks, along with Ramblers, you can also utilise AllTrails, which provides an overview of curated trails in the local area. 




Cycling offers many benefits to your health and the environment and is one of the best ways to get around town with versatility and a reasonable speed.


To help you plan cycling routes in your area you can visit the resources below:


Cycle Voucher 

You can claim a £50 cycle voucher to redeem against a cycle purchase or repair. This is limited to one per household, and an application form must be redeemed by emailing your travel plan coordinator at:  Please ensure that you detail the development name and address for reference.




The X3 Platinum service runs within Lichfield towards Birmingham City Centre providing buses approximately every 30 minutes. 

Bus stops surrounding the development are all within walking distance and locations are shown using the yellow pins below. 


To view timetables or to book tickets click here.


Bus Offers and Schemes

Staffordshire County Council offers concessionary fares for older persons and disabled persons. You can find out more, apply or renew by visiting the link here. 


Free taster Pass 

We want you to make the most of public transport within your area, so we are offering you a month's free taster pass, which provides unlimited travel on all buses across the West Midlands. One taster pass per household can be claimed, and you will need to contact your TPC at the following email address to request an application form: Please ensure that you detail the development name and address for reference.


Journey Planning 

Staffordshire County Council also provides information on journey planning, amendments to bus services, timetables and maps. You can find out more here.




The nearest train station to the site is Lichfield City Railway Station. The station is located approximately 2km north-east of the development and can be accessed via cycling. A 24 hour car park is available within the station providing 92 vehicle parking spaces, and the station also offers 54 cycle storage spaces.


To view timetables for Lichfield City click here.


Useful resources to plan your journey: 


Car Sharing & Driving Tips 


Car sharing

Car sharing involves two (or more) people sharing a car to travel between similar locations, instead of taking separate cars.
You can calculate how much you spend on motoring and how much you could save car sharing by using the excel spreadsheet from Cutting Your Car Use here.
Car sharing can reduce congestion, pollution and parking problems, as well as saving the car sharers both time and money. According to LiftShare, the average saving equates to over £900 per year. is trusted and actively supported by over 700 corporate communities. It takes less than 10 minutes to create an account and start searching for car sharing opportunities near you.

Working From home 

Home working has increased significantly over the past few years. According to studies from the Office of National Statistics, in May 2022, 14% of workers are now fully remote, with 24% working on a hybrid basis. Working from home has many benefits, including; increased productivity time due to the lack of commute, being environmentally friendly, a better work/home balance supporting motivation, and cost savings of travel, parking and vehicle wear.

Eco Driving 

The principle of Eco Driving is to travel your required distance utilising the least amount of fuel possible, with an increased focus on minimising wear-and-tear to your vehicle. Search eco-driving here for more information and support to get the most out of your driving.

Electric Vehicles 

For electric car journeys, use and find over 30,000 public UK charging ports and plan your electric car journey. Selected network participants also allow you to pay for your usage via their app.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss sustainable travel, you can contact the development Travel Plan Coordinator on the details below:

  01530 264753