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Welcome to our online travel portal for all your sustainable travel needs. This portal supports clients and residents by promoting and supporting sustainable transport options and reducing single-use car travel. From creating tailored travel plans to updating residents on alternative transport methods, we are here to help you implement sustainable travel solutions that benefit the environment. Let us help you positively impact the world through sustainable travel.



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What is a travel Plan?


A travel plan is designed to reduce the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts of travel and transportation. These are typically produced on new housing developments, aiming to promote alternative, more sustainable modes of transport, such as cycling, walking, public transport, car-sharing, and electric vehicles and reduce reliance on single-occupancy trips. 

The travel plan is required by the local authority when a housing development is given planning permission. It is becoming increasingly more relevant as the population continues to grow.  

MEC work on behalf of the developer to structure a relevant plan that benefits both their client and the local authority involved to develop and implement effective strategies that promote sustainable travel to the residents on a development. 


What is the role of mec's Travel Plan Coordinator? 


The Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) at MEC is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring a sustainable travel plan for their client's developments. 

The TPC's role is to encourage residents within the development to consider additional modes of transport to create a modal shift that reduces single-car journeys. They work with both the developer and the local authority to ensure that all parties are happy with the action they plan to take to promote, incentivise and reach out to the residents. This is usually a mixture of the initial travel plan, quarterly newsletters and trips to the development to gain additional suggestions from the residents and be on hand to answer any questions or queries they may have. 

The TPC is also responsible for monitoring the plan's effectiveness, collecting data on travel behaviour and mode share, usually undertaken as part of a survey questionnaire, and adjusting the plan as necessary to ensure its continued success.

Overall, the TPC plays a vital role in promoting sustainable travel and reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of transportation.


Travel Plan Portal, why?


As with most things, there is a shift towards providing information within a digital format, which is also being increasingly requested as part of the planning permission. 

Our portal is an eco-friendly and convenient way to update residents within a development. On visits to the development, the TPC promotes the use of the portal, which is kept updated with relevant local news, bus and train timetables, local events and statistics on sustainable travel.




If you have any questions or would like to discuss sustainable travel, you can contact our travel plan coordination team on the details below:

  01530 264753