Apprenticeship Programme


The MEC apprenticeship scheme, which has now been running for over ten years, has been the starting point for many careers, offering those new to the technical world an opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications required to build and excel in their career. 

By joining our Apprenticeship Programme, you can gain meaningful skills, practical training, and work experience while attending college or university and working towards a recognised qualification.

Our current apprentices are working across our business in different departments, and we will be continuing to grow the number of technical apprenticeship opportunities we have available from our Leicestershire office. 

What is an apprenticeship, and how do apprenticeships work?

An Apprenticeship is a type of work placement that combines practical training alongside ongoing role-related studies. Typically, an apprentice will split their time 80/20 between work and study. Unlike work experience, an apprenticeship is a legitimate job requiring a legal employment contract, salaries, and annual leave. 

What are the requirements for becoming an apprentice?

To become an apprentice in the UK, there are specific requirements you must meet. You must:

  • Live in the UK
  • Be over the age of 16

What can you expect working as an apprentice?

It is important to understand how things will work and what to expect when starting as an apprentice. Firstly, before your start date, you will need to confirm all the logistics with us before you start. This will include your working hours, job description, dress code or uniform and who you will be working with directly. 

Once you have started your placement, you should expect to be carrying out hands-on work for around 80% of your hours and spend the remainder of your time studying for your apprenticeship. This would usually take place at a college or university.

Do you feel an apprenticeship with MEC is the right path for you? Contact us today!