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Transport is often a fundamental issue at the planning stage and can be highly emotive, whereby failure to utilise the skills and expertise of a qualified, professional consultant can jeopardise a successful outcome.

Our transport expertise includes:

Transport statements and assessments Transport statements and assessments   Travel Plans - Bus and Car Travel plans
Site access advice and design Site access advice and design   Off-site highways improvements Off-site highway improvement
Sustainable transport appraisals - Bicycles Sustainable transport appraisals   Developer negotiations (S106) - Roundabout Developer negotiations (S106)
Expert witness - planning appeals and public enquiries - M-EC Book Expert witness - planning appeals and public inquiries   Traffic, speed and parking surveys - Parked cars
Traffic, speed and parking surveys

M-EC’s transport team provides detailed and robust assessments in line with current transport policies and legislation, ensuring transport matters are fully appraised and assessed in support of the delivery of a positive planning resolution.

Transport Image - TrafficWe work from an initial design concept, giving consideration to site specific access and development principles to provide viable and deliverable solutions.

Our assessments consider the impact of development on the local and wider highway network, provide realistic and genuinely sustainable travel options and set out comprehensive recommendations relating to mitigation measures to ensure the development can be successfully accommodated.

As transport is often of key importance both locally and politically, M-EC attends public consultations and other stakeholder events. We ensure all aspects of a project are explained, monitored and delivered.

This ensures the transport proposals meet the aims and objectives of planning and highway authorities and other third parties.

For more information on Transportation contact:
Simon Prescott
01530 264753

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