MEC’s utilities team has a wealth of experience dealing with key utility providers from pre-planning to construction to get the best out of our client’s developments. We offer a bespoke service for all forms of development of any size.

Our team works on behalf of clients to provide expert utility reports and summaries by identifying existing utilities in the vicinity of proposed developments and confirming available capacity and budget/firm estimates for new connections. We advise on the protection of apparatus, existing easements and diversion requirements and provide constraints plans and combined service layouts to meet the clients’ needs. Our in-house Geomatics team can also undertake non-intrusive utility surveys to more accurately locate existing apparatus to further reduce the effect existing utilities may have on proposed developments.

Gathering accurate information about underground services is a crucial stage in the development of a project. This ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, minimises risks and reduces project planning time, ensuring that a project design can work.

Early investigation prior to the design stage provides a base for the development, reducing risks and helping avoid abortive work; it may also enhance the development design. With the phase-out of new Gas heating systems from 2025 and the addition of electric vehicle charging provisions, getting applications in early to understand the implications of increased electricity loading requirements and secure your load on the electric grid is more important than ever to future proof your developments. 

Our in-house team can support all of your utility requirements, providing in-depth knowledge, assessments and plans to get the best, most cost-effective solutions for your projects.



Our Services Include: 


Capacity assessments

Diversion assessments

Constraints plans

Combined service layouts

Locating existing utilities

New connections & disconnections

For more information about our utility services, contact:

  Emma Harris


  01530 264753