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In September 2023, a significant milestone marked a new chapter in the history of MECs Alex Bennett acquired all shares, taking sole ownership of the company while assuming the pivotal role of Managing Director. The journey of MEC, which was co-founded in 2009 by Directors Edward Mewies and Alexander Bennett during the challenging economic landscape of the recession, has been one of remarkable growth and transformation.

In its nascent stage, MEC operated from a modest office in Ibstock, Leicestershire, with a lean team of just seven dedicated individuals. Today, MEC has evolved into a thriving enterprise, headquartered in a beautifully converted Chapel in Hugglescote, Leicestershire, and complemented by further offices in Birmingham and Brighton. The company's expansion journey has been further bolstered by the strategic appointment of Director’s Tim Rose, Rob Macdonald and Dave Stockton, who are poised to fortify the company's long-term growth trajectory.

Throughout its journey, MEC has continually expanded its suite of services, introducing new technical and environmental disciplines into its offerings. This evolution led to a strategic rebranding, resulting in the birth of MEC Consulting Group Ltd, a name that aptly encompasses the comprehensive range of services the company now provides.

MEC Consulting Group Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence in the field, offering a multidisciplinary approach to engineering and environmental consultancy. The firm is dedicated to delivering technical solutions that span a wide spectrum of projects, encompassing the private and public sectors. These projects range from residential and commercial ventures to industrial, retail, leisure, education, and healthcare endeavours.

What sets MEC apart is its commitment to harnessing the diverse skills, technical expertise, and collective experience of its dedicated teams. The company's primary focus is on delivering tangible results and fostering collaboration to develop innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. MEC's unwavering dedication to supporting its clients in achieving their goals remains at the heart of its mission, ensuring a bright and prosperous future under the stewardship of Alex Bennett.


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