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Flood Risk & Drainage

Brook at side of the roadM-EC pride ourselves on providing you with the complete Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) which includes competent and detailed flood risk analysis and drainage strategies that provide you with buildable solutions incorporating the latest SUDS techniques.

An effective and reliable FRA is required on all planning applications for sites over 1ha.

Using the latest technology, our specialist team has a breadth of knowledge and expertise based on many years of practical experience.

The M-EC Flood Risk & Drainage  team is diligent in keeping abreast of current and emerging legislation and guidance, providing engineering solutions that maximise land developability, whilst at the same time seeking to satisfy the requirements of Statutory Authorities.

We take pride in delivering innovative flood alleviation solutions that are both cost effective and robust, to capitalise on developable areas and  your profitability.

M-EC provide a range of Flood Risk and Drainage services including:

  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Deliverable drainage strategies incorporating the latest SUDS techniques
  • Percolation testing
  • Assistance with S106 commuted sum issues and adoption strategies for SUDS features
  • Flood Modelling Studies for high risk sites, including hydraulic modelling to determine extent and frequency of flood water
  • Flood alleviation and mitigation schemes such as flood plain compensation, culvert diversion/ alteration and channel modifications
  • Detailed designs for Section 104 and Section 185 technical approvals


New Climate Change Guidance
All flood risk assessments that have not yet been submitted for planning need to be updated.



For more information on Flood Risk & Drainage contact:
Mani Ghomi
01530 264753

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