Flood Risk & Drainage


MEC specialise in providing accurate flood risk and drainage; reports, strategies and solutions for the development industry, including planning consultants, architects, property developers and land promoters.  Our team is fully up-to-date with the ever-evolving regulation and legislative changes, ensuring that our services are to the best standard.

Flooding is becoming more common throughout the UK and is only set to get worse as the effects of climate change continue to be felt.  Flood Risk and Drainage are fundamental at the planning stage (pre and post), and developers are required to understand the potential risks of flooding when designing and developing a new site and ensure they do not increase flood risk elsewhere.  

Considering both the flood risk on and as a result of the development is paramount to maximising the developments full potential. By determining the cause and extent of all forms of flood risk and providing effective drainage solutions, it is possible to take action to minimise the risk of future flooding and any resultant disruption and expense. As well as helping to reduce the impacts of flooding, it is vital that drainage solutions provide additional benefits in terms of pollution control and combining water management with green space that offers scope for recreation and wildlife. As such, Sustainable Drainage Systems have an important role in managing surface water runoff close to the source.

Our expert team provides support for all projects, from feasibility to detailed design and implementation, offering a full suite of flood risk and drainage investigation, mitigation and solutions to support development proposals at all stages.

Whether you require a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) to identify the risks and mitigation measures of your development, flood modelling to simulate flood events, or a drainage strategy to assess surface water and foul water requirements, our team can provide you with reports and designs to better understand the risk of flooding and provide deliverable drainage strategies to helping to unlock your development potential. 

The flood risk and drainage deliverables result from a holistic approach to the planning requirements, as our teams have experience working alongside different disciplines to fulfil the various legislative requirements, including biodiversity and pollution control.

Our Services Include: 


Flood Risk Assessments 

Drainage investigations

Flood modelling

Flood alleviation and mitigation

Conceptual drainage design including SuDS

Planning conditions and Section 106 negotiations

For more information about our flood risk and drainage services, contact:

  Tim Rose


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