MEC Geomatics delivers the full spectrum of accurate, reliable and cost-effective surveying and mapping solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and private sector clients.

Our in-house team have extensive knowledge of the industry and experience working on a wide variety of projects across the UK. We use the latest Leica and GeoMax equipment and LSS Digital Terrain Modelling System, which provides 2D line drawings or 3D digital terrain models, which can easily be transferred into other engineering software such as AutoCAD to provide a good and accurate base. Surveys play a crucial role in determining potential issues and also aid in the design and planning stage of a project.

We undertake a range of surveys, from topographical site surveys, which provide accurate plan drawings to identify boundaries, services, natural and man-made features and site levels. Engineering surveys for the duration of a project, from setting out to post-demolition and stockpile surveys, our team provides vital and accurate information. Finally, our measured building surveys provide clients with accurate scaled plans that capture existing buildings' 2D and 3D internal floor plans, sections and external elevation data. 

The team also provides mapping services, including utility mapping to identify existing underground utilities and service routes, providing accurate drawings detailing the existing apparatus. We also carry out large-scale topographical surveys providing orthomosaic maps with details for planning laid on top of hi-resolution aerial photographs. 

Having an experienced in-house team offering a full spectrum of geomatic services ensures we can quickly deliver on clients’ needs, reducing costs and waiting times. 

Our Services Include: 


Topographical surveys

Measured building surveys

Underground utilities mapping

Engineering surveys

3D Laser scanning

Drone/aerial mapping

For more information about our geomatic services, contact:

  James Deacon

  01530 264753