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Geo-environmental - Ground InvestigationM-EC Geo-environmental services provide the full range of intrusive investigations for underlying ground conditions, thereby determining the civil engineering solutions required.

Our Geo-environmental services include trial holes; classification of soil types; in-situ and laboratory tests on soil strengths and other properties; followed by recommendations for ground improvement, foundations, roads, drainage etc.

Phase I – Environmental Risk Assessment

M-EC undertakes non-intrusive risk assessments, used to gauge the environmental status of a development in support of planning applications and land promotion.

Phase II – Contaminated Land Assessment

Successful brownfield redevelopment requires extensive intrusive site investigation and testing techniques, together with expert interpretation and presentation of results.  From this work we can properly determine appropriate remediation strategies or how to minimise risk and ongoing liability.

Phase III - Remediation & Verification Works

The remediation method will be largely dependent on the properties of the contaminant and/or the pathway type and can include:

  • Physical - breaks the contamination pathway and can include the installation of a simple clean capping layer.
  • Biological/Chemical - the treatment reduces to the potential risk from the contaminant source to acceptable levels.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
EIA is a major element of land promotion and planning applications. M-EC provides multidisciplinary engineering/ environmental expertise and co-ordinates with other professionals in areas such as ecology and archaeology where required.

For more information on Geo-environmental contact:
Elizabeth Beers
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